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How a-free-ipod works

To get yourself one of these amazing gifts all you need to do is the following:

  1. Sign up
  2. Complete one of the offers
  3. Refer the Number of people needed. and Freebiejeebies are based around Affiliate marketing.
Companies pay freebiejeebies around £25 for each person that signs up to their offer being advertised.
If you want an iPod, then you will need to refer 8 people to sign up and complete one of the offers. So if an iPod is 8 referrals then that will be 8 x £25 = £200

You also have to complete your own offer which will add another £25 to that making the total money the site gets £225. This pays for the iPod which retails at about £170 and leaves the site with enough money left over to make a profit. These videos are just some of the publicity that these sites have received.

Recommended offers


If you are a UK resident then we highly recommend the Gala Bingo.

In order to meet the requirements for this offer, all you have to do is Sign up, deposit £5 and play through the entire amount.


If you are a USA/Canada resident then we recommend the Walmart offer.

In order to fulfill the requirements for this offer you must sign up to a 14 day trial.

Rest of the world

If you are one of the other countries then you can also complete the Intuit offer.

This is a free 30 day trial and you can get yourself a free iPhone 4S, iPod touch or anything else that you want.


I highly recommend that you visit and register with the eXceem forums. eXceem have an extremely large members base who are keen to help with any questions you may have about Free gift sites aswell as having a packed section full of hints and tips on how to get those referrals

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